Yoruba leader in Benue calls for immediate palliative programs due to Fuel Subsidy Removal

Apr 24

Yoruba leader in Benue calls for immediate palliative programs due to Fuel Subsidy .

President of Yoruba Community in Benue State, Adeyemi Apanpa on Monday urged the administration of President Bola Tinubu to immediately roll out palliative measures to cushion the effects of petrol subsidy removal.

Speaking to newsmen in Makurdi, Apanpa, an economic expert said that the delay in launching a palliative program which ought to have been rolled out at the announcement of petrol subsidy removal is already taking serious adverse effects on the citizens as the economy of the country revolves around petroleum.

Apanpa advised that proceeds realised from subsidy removal should be invested in health, power, education, Agriculture and infrastructure sectors.

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The economic expert expressed deep concern that failure to act fast may plunge the country into recession, adding that the situation is steadily worsening by non-increment in salary and reducing purchasing power greatly.

Apanpa said, “In Germany and other European countries, their government subsidize the essential sectors like agriculture, power and others essential sectors.

“So, Nigeria has to look inward into its problems and solve the problems in our own way. African problems required African solutions”.

While calling on the president to look inward towards addressing the economic situation of the country rather than adopting foreign economic policies, Apanpa said the federal government should not embark on removal of subsidy on critical sectors.

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On students loan, Apanpa enjoined the federal government to be cautious of its plan to hands off financing university education, saying, such may skyrocket the tuition fees to a level that many Nigerian parents wouldn’t be able to afford thus leading to many children dropping out of school.

He expressed optimisms that the president with his experience in politics and governance will no doubt parade best hands in his cabinet that will help him provide good governance to the citizenry.

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