Field Tech Analyst needed at NTT DATA Services Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Apr 24
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Job Description

We are currently seeking a Bilingual Field Tech Analyst/Desktop Support Tech to join our team in Montreal, Quebec. This is needed on location.

Job Description

Nous sommes a? la recherche d'un technicien support informatique pour notre e?quipe a? Montre?al, au Que?bec.

L'analyste technique des services sur place assurera le soutien et l'entretien dans l'environnement informatique de bureau de l'organisation. Ces ta?ches comprennent l'installation, le diagnostic et l'entretien de tout l'e?quipement de bureau, des imprimantes, des applications logicielles et des appareils mobiles afin d'assurer un rendement optimal. Le soutien sera offert en personne (utilisateurs sur place) ou par te?le?phone ou a? distance (utilisateurs hors site).


– Assurer le bon fonctionnement quotidien des applications et de l'e?quipement technologiques en repe?rant, en recherchant et en re?glant les proble?mes techniques.

– Apporter de l'aide sur place pour re?soudre les proble?mes technologiques et assurer le transfert de connaissances aux utilisateurs finaux sur une varie?te? de questions lie?es a? l'informatique.

– Effectuer les de?me?nagements, les installations et les annulations pre?vus, ainsi que d'autres ta?ches lie?es au MAC.

– Fournir un soutien de niveau II de qualite? aux utilisateurs ayant un degre? e?leve? de satisfaction de la cliente?le, des connaissances techniques et une rapidite? d'exe?cution, soit en re?glant le proble?me, soit en transmettant et en coordonnant les efforts d'autres membres du personnel des technologies de l'information.

– Re?soudre les proble?mes techniques et/ou enque?ter sur les proble?mes importants en confirmant la validite? du proble?me et en recherchant des solutions connues aux proble?mes ou enjeux plus complexes. Le candidat ou la candidate doit savoir a? quel moment transmettre a? la direction les proble?mes non re?gle?s a? ce niveau.

– Utiliser la plateforme ServiceNow pour le suivi des proble?mes, en veillant a? ce que toutes les demandes d'aide des utilisateurs soient accompagne?es d'un billet et que tous les incidents ne?cessitant un suivi ou des appels rec?oivent l'attention approprie?e.

– S'assurer que tous les incidents sont re?gle?s dans le respect des niveaux de service documente?s.

– Interagir avec les services de gestion des actifs, de re?seau, d'inge?nierie des syste?mes logiciels, de mise au point d'applications et/ou d'entretien des imprimantes pour re?tablir le service et/ou cerner et corriger le proble?me de base.

– Contribuer a? l'e?laboration et a? la documentation des ame?liorations apporte?es aux processus actuels, a? la cre?ation et a? la mise a? jour des capitaux de connaissances et des proce?dures normales d'exploitation.

– Posse?der d'excellentes compe?tences en matie?re de pre?sentation, de communication orale et de communication e?crite.

– Apporter un soutien pour la mise a? niveau technique, au besoin.

– Toutes les autres ta?ches qui lui sont confie?es.


– Plus de cinq ans d'expe?rience du soutien aux utilisateurs finaux et du soutien bureautique.

– Plus de cinq ans d'expe?rience du syste?me d'exploitation Windows, de l'installation locale et de re?seau, d'Internet Explorer, du protocole TCP/IP, du protocole DHCP, du gestionnaire de dispositifs, de l'e?diteur du registre, du gestionnaire des utilisateurs et des commandes administratives.

This French/English Bilingual Field Tech Analyst/Desktop Support Technician will provide support and maintenance within the organization's desktop computing environment. This includes installing, diagnosing, and maintaining all desktop equipment, printers, software applications and mobile devices to ensure optimal performance. Support will be performed in person (on-site users) or via telephone/remote control (off-site users).


  • Ensure proper day-to-day operation of technology applications and equipment by identifying, researching and resolving technical problems.
  • Provide deskside assistance to resolve technology issues and provide how-to knowledge transfer to end users on a variety of computer-related issues.
  • Perform scheduled moves, installations, and cancellations, as well as other MAC-related tasks.
  • Provide quality level II support for users with a high degree of customer satisfaction, technical knowledge and timeliness either by resolving the issue or escalating and coordinating efforts of other Information Technology staff.
  • Solve technical issues and/or investigate elevated issues by confirming the validity of the problem and seeking known solutions to more complex problems or issues. Must know when to escalate issues not resolved at this level to management.
  • Utilize ServiceNow for issue tracking, ensuring all user requests for assistance are accompanied by a ticket and all tickets requiring follow-up work and/or calls receive appropriate attention.
  • Ensure all tickets are resolved within documented service levels.
  • Interact with asset management, network services, software systems engineering, applications development and/or printer maintenance services to restore service and/or identify and correct core problem.
  • Assist in developing and documenting improvements to current processes, creating/updating KAs and SOPs.
  • Possess excellent presentation, verbal communication and written skills.
  • Provide technology refresh support as needed.
  • All other tasks as assigned.
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  • 5+ years of experience with end user support & desktop support.
  • 5+ years of experience with Windows operating system, local/network installation, Internet explorer, TCP/IP, DHCP, Device Manager, Registry editor, User Manager & Admin Commands.

Highly Preferred Skills

Airport Experience

A+ Certification

Familiarity with Laptops, iPads, PDA devices, printers, etc.

  • Expected Schedule: This is a fulltime, Bilingual position, and this position supports service hours are 18 hours a day x 7 days a week for the Airport. This position will need to have the ability to work in a team environment, as well as, commit to a flexible work schedule, preferably the ability to accommodate a daytime, evening, overnight, including weekend(s) may be required. From a physical standpoint, please be aware that this position may need to navigate the large Airport & Air Canada Facility, and could be a lot of potential walking.


About NTT DATA Services

NTT DATA Services is a recognized leader in IT and business services, including cloud, data and applications, headquartered in Texas. As part of NTT DATA, a $30 billion trusted global innovator with a combined global reach of over 80 countries, we help clients transform through business and technology consulting, industry and digital solutions, applications development and management, managed edge-to-cloud infrastructure services, BPO, systems integration and global data centers. We are committed to our clients' long-term success. Visit or LinkedIn to learn more.

NTT DATA Services is an equal opportunity employer and considers all applicants without regarding to race, color, religion, citizenship, national origin, ancestry, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, physical or mental disability, veteran or marital status, or any other characteristic protected by law. We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment for all employees. If you need assistance or an accommodation due to a disability, please inform your recruiter so that we may connect you with the appropriate team.

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