7 Jobs You Can Do In Canada Without a Work Permit

Apr 24
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If you’re a student looking to work in Canada, or you’re moving there from another country, finding work may seem like an impossible task, especially if you don’t have Canadian experience to show off on your resume. Thankfully, there are some jobs that don’t require you to have a work permit or visa before taking them – although there are some conditions attached to each one. Make sure to check out these seven amazing jobs you can do in Canada without a work permit.

Canada Without a Work Permit
Canada Without a Work Permit


If you’re interested in cooking, you can enroll in an apprenticeship with an established chef who’ll work with you to teach you the skills necessary to be a professional. When cooking without experience, it’s best to focus on dishes that use simple techniques and uncomplicated recipes. Try making classics like chicken parmesan or beef bourguignon with more modern favorites like green Thai curry. These dishes are often meatless too, so vegetarians and vegans can enjoy them too.


You might have picked up on this one already, but in Canada, construction is one of the industries where you can work without a work permit. This sector employs 500,000 people and produces nearly $5 billion dollars worth of goods every year.

The building and construction industry is not just for welders or carpenters: technicians, engineers, safety experts and builders are also in demand.

Remember that unlike the United States – which uses OSHA – all Canadian provinces enforce their own legislation for how long a worker is allowed to be on the job before being relieved by their co-worker. Depending on your province and industry standards, however, after three hours your employer should start enforcing 5-minute breaks every hour or 6 minutes break if it’s manual labor only.

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One of the great perks of being in Canada is that kids need a special permit to do any type of work and babysitting for family friends or neighbors does not require one. However, if you are looking to make money by babysitting, it is important to understand the various responsibilities required of you.

As someone who provides care for other children full-time, I have compiled this list based on my experience:

1) Being self-aware – Children will test your boundaries when they’re nervous or feeling scared. If you’re kind about telling them why it’s not okay, most kids will understand.

2) Comforting Kids – There are many times when a child has fallen down and scraped their knee or feels sad because their parents left. It is our job as caregivers to give love and comfort.

3) Punishing Kids Who Disobey – Even though we want to avoid doing this at all costs, there may be times when kids won’t listen even after we’ve asked nicely several times. For example, they might keep hitting other children while playing on the playground so we must ask them nicely once more than give out an appropriate punishment such as sitting out of playtime with friends for an hour or two hours without TV privileges for that day.

Cleaning houses

With spring cleaning coming up, there are jobs for those in need of work.
For starters, you can start by doing work for other people. Some households may just want help with specific tasks like yard work, child care, or chores around the house. Not only is this a great way to get started and make some money, but it’s also an opportunity to use your skills to help others and make them happy.

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In addition to working for other people, Canadians can also get a job caring for animals. If you love animals and have the space at home or on your property to board animals while their owners are away or out of town then consider getting your own pet-sitting license and marketing yourself as an animal sitter!


Learning carpentry is a good idea if you’re interested in renovating old buildings or working with new homes. There are many apprenticeships available, which provide some degree of employment protection and also offer training in various aspects of the trade.

Canada has an aging population, so there’s been a strong demand for these skills recently as older homes require care and attention to keep them in great shape for the elderly people who live in them. If you’re feeling creative then building beautiful things out of wood is perfect for you.


The most talked about job that requires no work permit is in the beauty industry as a hairdresser. Not only is this job prestigious and high-paying, but it’s something that many people are drawn to.

Other than the regular hair cuts you would expect, hairdressers might give you special treatments such as coloring, perming, or styling your hair with heated irons or curling irons. It’s imperative to understand the regulations for these types of treatments since not all of them require licenses. For instance, if you’re interested in using hair color chemicals at home then be sure to do your research before starting; even natural coloring can cause serious damage if done improperly.

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Dog Walking

Dog owners looking for an easy-to-handle, flexible, and fun part-time job, should consider becoming professional dog walkers. There are many benefits to this type of employment. Being outside, exercising, and socializing with others are just some of the reasons people enjoy this work. Other advantages include being able to make as much or as little money as you would like depending on how much time you have available and it’s one of the fastest-growing professions in North America!


Aside from being able to legally work in Canada, the jobs on this list can provide you with fulfilling careers and satisfying experiences. Not only will the job provide you with a paycheck, but it will also help you live your dreams. No matter what your interests are, there is bound to be something on this list that will interest you and get your creative juices flowing. So if this list has given you an idea for your next adventure then make sure to take the steps necessary so that one day soon, you can say: I did it my way.

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